Kanoko Thrift shop is located in the city of Torrance, California. We are over 20 years now.  

Our Thrift shop was made by Kanoko Transport Inc. which is moving company in Torrance.
This company accepted used furniture from customer who wanted to dispose them. And we were thinking that those beautiful furniture can still be used.
In Japanese,we say "MOTTAINAI" which means a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret concerning waste.
"MOTTAINAI"expression is used when a person feels it wasteful, based on their own value judgement, when somebody discard, throw away, or even not doing their best when they have ability to do so. Our second hand shop theme is based on this feeling. Please visit our shop and hope you can find something good.
Our Services
We buy your furniture, home appliances and electronics,but it depends on the conditon and how popular items at our store.
We also delivery furniture to your home when you purchase them at our shop. Delivery fee is based on your residence. Please check the list of delivery fee. We also dispose furniture and organize your warehouse (fee applies)
within 20 miles from our shop is free estimate. We'll take $10 for estimate fee over 20 miles until 40 miles. And also we do not visit your place for estimate if your item is less than 10. In that case,you can send us photo via e-mail. We will tell you about the amount of approximately.

Step 1 / Get Contact and make an Appointment of Estimate date

Step 2 / Estimate and agreement to our offer

Step 3 / Arrange pick up date

Step 4 / Pick up and Pay


Estimate fee is $10.00- when your house is located over 20 miles from our shop. Within 20 miles is free estimate. 


Disposal Fee starts from $130.00.
We visit your warehouse and estimate for disposal.
When your warehouse is located over 20 miles from our shop, there is an estimation fee of $10.00.
Please contact us for any questions.
Delivery fee
We do delivery when you purchase furniture at our store

Up to 6 miles from our shop / $60-

Up to 10 miles from our shop / $80-

Up to 15 miles from our shop / $100-

Up to 20 miles from our shop / $120-

Over 20 miles from our shop / $140- to $200


We delivery only goods which you purchase in our shop.

About moving or transportation of furniture,please contact us to move department.